Thoughts on leadership…

Fratanization skews the lines of professionalism, causing one to lose objectiveness and grow partial; showing favoritism. Fratanization has to come with the inherent understanding one of you will be thrown under the bus when the “going gets tough”. If you understand the boundaries of this relationship, go for it. BUT, if you are still wet behind the ears and have no clue what you are doing, proceed with caution and know that being in a position of leadership isn’t about saving face and making friends or even enemies. It’s about being fair and honest, impartial. Being in leadership, comes with the harsh truth of not being the most liked person in the room. Don’t sacrifice the “little people”, your grunts, for fantastic rapport and inappropriate relationships with fellow leadership and vice versa. Remain neutral.

*Disclaimer* This is not directed to anyone personally. It is, however, my soapbox thought of the day.

Thoughts on leadership…

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